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Every year the Sonora Celtic Faire had been highlighting the finest Highland Scot’s whiskies and Irish whiskeys. The tasting event this year will feature four categories of spirit blends: Scottish Single Malts, Scottish blends, Irish whiskey and Bourbon. The official selected whisky from Patrick, Gary & Lissa this Year is BASIL HAYDEN'S DARK RYE 40%, PROPER NO. TWELVE 40%, GLENGLASSUGH REVIVAL 46%, THE SINGLTON 12yr 40%, JURA 10yr 40% and ARDBEG 10yr 46%.

Tasting Mat

A total of 6 tasting samples will be offered for $25.00 and get a commemorative Sonora Celtic Faire shot glass to keep. up grade for $30.00 and get a choice of one Classic Premium tast of Oban 14yer., Dalwhinne 15yr. or Lagavulin 16yr.

After the tasting fee has been paid, the taster will be given a ticket for a place mat along with a commemorative glass. Tasting stations will be offered for the pour, with each station having whiskys to be sampled. The server will explain a little bit about each spirit blend at the large tables where the taster can sit back, listen to Celtic music, and enjoy the taste experience.

If you are a Whisky Connoisseur, we have hand picked three great selections for this years top shelf. We have Tastings of a Scottish Oban 14yer., Dalwhinne 15yr. or Lagavulin 16yr. for purchase In our Premium Whisky Lounge.

SCF Shot Glass



Gary is an accomplished beer, wine and spirit Connoisseur. He started off running through and playing in the grape fields and learning from the farmers around his house as a young kid. In the late 90s he worked for E&J Gallo Winery, Bronco Winery and as a rack and blender for Franzia Winery in Ripon California. He further expanded his knowledge on Spirits as a steel operator for the wine group making Brandy's and concentrated wine spirits.

In 2002 he had the opportunity to write a column for the celebrator magazine on California's West Coast microbreweries. In his research for this column he has traveled to over 50 breweries to learn the secrets and techniques of making the perfect malt, wort, and mash.

Gary found out that his true passion was in whisky. He has traveled to some of the US's largest bourbon distilleries as well as traveling to Ireland, Scotland, Wales and Brittany for a taste of that perfect Celtic drink. In all of his travels he's had countless hours learning from roasters, spirit makers and rack house Masters in trying to unveil the secrets of a perfect whisky.


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