old world marketplace

We have gathered some of the best craft vendors in the land to tantilize you with their unique items in our

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Celtic Clothiers & Wares
Celtic Shoppe
Family History Surnames
Why Knot Fashions
Buzz Kidder Originals
Got Kilt
Celtic Jackalope
Off Kilter Kilts
Phoenix & Crow
Celtic Market Place
Celtic Art Studio
Celtic Fashion
Weapons, Knives, Swords, etc.
CH Hutchinson
Age of Chivalry
Kings Armory & Co.
Medieval Heirlooms
Caitlins Cutlry
Music, Instruments & Authors
Fiddle Guy
Celtic Caterer
Sierra Jewelers
Willow Jewelry
Chucks Bead Lair
Crown Fellowship
Michael Brown
Jewelry by Rosemary
Sean’s Celtic Creations
Flame & Forge
Mythica Metalworks
Artifacts by Janie
Leather Goods & More
Sun Leather
Sign of the Hawk
Alkahest Leather
Lykos Leather
Soaps, Herbs, Oils, & Teas
Sages Woolenglass
Kitchen Witch
Artemisia Hrebals
Inland Fog
Scotman’s Beard Oil
Soaps & Things
Home & Garden Decor
Reedley Clay works
Clay Goddess
Ye Pellucid Wares
Cactus in a Cup
Old World Market
Eye Scry Designs
Fawnridge Arts
Minds Eye
Wolf Den
Treasures from the Cairn

Artistic Treasures
Lei Lotus
Bel’s Gifts
Purple Dragon
Shadow House Creations
Chain Link Creations
DDRA Steampunk
Pop n Bubs Cornhole Boards
Govannon’s Forge
Fabrefaction Studio
Two Butterflies
Two Moons Trading
Walela Healing
Fae Folk World
Ashes of Arcadia
Fantasy, Mythical and more
The Celtic Image
Lair of the Witchdragon
Cactus in a Cup
Kritter Klips
Kingdom of Harron
Renaissance Style Clothing & Goods
Bodice Goddess
Past N Peasant
Cloaked in Time
The Royal Peasant
Damsel in this Dress
Gold River Costumes
Hearts Delight
Service & Other Vendors
Adorn Thy Hair
Henna Designs
All Party Art Face Painting
Brunetta Blacksmithing
Getaway Cruises and Tours
Food & Snacks
Heritage Meat Pies
Daybreak Crepes & Coffee
VT Express
Little Thai
New Temple Drinks and Ice Cream
Philly Cheesesteak
Castro’s BBQ Shack
Beach City Refreshments
India Gourmet
Hula Huts
Welsh Baker
Browns English Toffee
Celtic Cakes & Candies
Louella Homemade Candy
The Juicery
Murphy’s Mustard Co.
Natures Candy Co.

Cloaked in Time