2019 Living History Line-Up

Pictland 1 BCDark Boar 9-10 ADSjorvaldar vikings 9-10 adStirling mercenaries 12th centuryst. barbara's & st. Genesius 15th centuryMead & meadow 15th centurySt. andrew's noble order 16th centuryScottish halberdiers 16th centuryThistle house 16th centuryClann Fraser 16th centurymcCheeky greeters 16th centuryPortcullis players 17th centurythe free artillerie co. 17th centuryModesto Muzzleloaders 18th centuryMenagerie of Mythical Misfits fun folkDanse mecabre fun folkKaotic Mythicals fun folk
Dark Boar

Dark Boar is a non-profit educational group. We are a collaboration of like-minded enthusiast’s from all over California who enjoy educating and entertaining on the Viking era of 8th-11th centuries. They recreate a portrait of Viking life by demonstrating a wide variety of skills, vocations, and resourcefulness through their activities. Dark Boar,s display includes various structures that provide an example of traditional A-frames and meeting halls that would have been used during the Viking time period. They provide demonstrations of combat, explanations of Viking history and geography, and examples of Viking crafts. They are an open group who enjoy engaging with the public, answering questions, and meeting with those who share their appreciation for history.


The Sjórvaldar Non-Profit Organization and its members are dedicated to preserving the History of the Viking Era, primarily the 10th century(850-950), by helping communities immerse themselves into the culture through educational presentations of everyday life, crafts and combat.

Stirling merc

Stirling Mercenaries are a traveling Medieval guild dedicated to the demonstration of historical European combative art forms. The guild presents the life and routines found in professional mercenary companies of the middle ages
The Stirling Mercenaries are a travelling Medieval guild dedicated to the demonstration of historical European combative art forms. The guild presents the life and routines found in professional mercenary companies of the middle ages. Patrons are encouraged to come by and get a hands on experience with historical armor and weapons commonly found on the battlefield as well as enjoy viewing weapon demonstrations and combat expositions performed by trained men at arms.

ST. BARBARA'S & ST. GENESIUS 15th century
St. Barbara's & St. Genesius

The Guildes of St. Barbara’s & St. Genesius is a Multi-cultural Renaissance Group portraying 1540-1580, specializing in siege engine and renaissance dance, highlighting period crafts and games.

MEAD & MEADOW 15th century
Mead and Meadow

Mead and Meadow Crafters Guild
Celtic History- Making of Mead, cooking & preserving foods, ancient herbalism & odd herbal remedies. Leather working and more.

St. Andrew's Noble Order of Royal Scots

Mary, Queen of Scots & Her Court
St. Andrew’s Noble Order of Royal Scots portrays the Court of Mary, Queen of Scots, as her Majesty has returned to Scotland from a childhood in France. Recently widowed, our young Majesty is ready to rule Scotland despite the misgivings of her half brother and many of the Lords of the Congregation. Her Majesty travels to the Pleasanton Scottish Highland Gathering and Games to meet clansmen, athletes, and artisans as well as Her loyal subjects.
Her Majesty invites ye one and all to meet Her nobles, highlanders, and royal guard as they wander about the shire and fill her court.(We hope to entertain ye and share some history with ye in the bargain).
~ Renaissance dances!
~ Sword Duels & Demonstrations!
~ Come Dance ‘Round the May Pole
~ Have your favorite friend or family member placed in the Pillory!
And of course
~ Come have a personal introduction and audience with Her Majesty
and receive a wee gift!

Scottish Halberdiers

Cooking With Turf is a traditional Celtic band that can play rollicking jigs and reels as well as sweet and sensitive waltzes, airs and songs.
They will make you laugh out loud with some of the funny songs they know,
or maybe you'll get a bit misty on some of the typically poignant ballads.
Cooking With Turf is...
Richard Ferry on wooden flute, whistles and guitar,
Steve Kenworthy on fiddle and guitar,
Ken Van de Kieft on various mandolines, dulcimers and guitar,
and Jared Myers on Scottish bagpipes, smallpipes and guitar.

THISTLE HOUSE 16th century
Thistle House Guild

Welcome to our Multiple Era Re-enactment Acting Guild!
Thistle House loves portraying the people of the Isle of Mann and all those that land upon its shores.
Thistle House is an historical re-enactment guild which trains new folk in the ways of a Renaissance actor and promotes the teaching of history to our young at heart. Welcoming all those willing to learn how to portray people of that time period and experience history as an actor in an actual reconstructed encampment at a Renaissance Fair. We train those who wish to be peasants, crafters, merchants, warriors, sailors, people of the Isle / Irish/ highlanders, nobles, Knights, Dames,and Royalty.

CLANN FRASER 16th century
Clann Fraser

Clan Fraser is a 16th century Scottish highland traveling encampment of Lord Hugh Fraser in progress with the queen. We have period games and crafts, along with weapon and armor demonstrations.

McCheeky Greeters

                              MCCHEEKY GREETERS                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Portcullis Players are honored to present a reenactment of the Scots-Irish in the time of the American War of Independence (1775 – 1783), focusing on the later period of the war in the Southern Theater. Covering the Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia colonies, this is the time of such battles as King’s Mountain, Blackstock’s Farm, Cowpens, and Guilford Courthouse, showcasing the contribution of Patriot, back-country militias comprised by many of Scots-Irish descent. In addition to discussions of the battles and equipment, The Portcullis Players will be demonstrating and talking about domestic activities such as fiber arts and spinning, as well as the all-important distillation of whiskey. Please join them, as well as the rein-actors of Roger’s Rangers, to learn about the time period of the American Revolution.

The Free Artillerie Company

The Free Artillerie Company is a 17th Century re-enactment group established in 1997 to represent a Scottish Artillerie Company that learned the paths of War in the service of Gustavus Adolphus, during the protracted Thirty Years War. Later these veterans returned to Scotland with their Swedish Ordnance to fight for the Marquis of Montrose and later to attempt to restore Charles the Second, King of England and Scotland, to the Throne at the battle of Worcester.
They demonstrate the loading and firing of the Swedish leather cannon, matchlock muskets, and tactics of the English Civil Wars. We also discuss the life of the times in our camp and include domestic and military livelihoods.

Modesto Muzzloaders

The Modesto Muzzleloaders are a Black Powder Gun club. We shoot all types of black powder guns from the 1840s and prior including rifles, tradeguns, pistols, and shotguns. They will have a1838 Mountan Man that will give instruction to patronson throwing Tomahawk, and fire start with flint and steel. aslo they will be a cannon display, and firing black powder wepons throgh out the days.

Menagerie of Mythical Misfits

They are a small band of characters that entertain at events from all around the Mother Lode. We tell stories of myth and legend, make giant bubbles, and they provide a quiet place to relax.

Danse Macabre

The tradition of the Danse Macabre dates back to the Middle Ages, perhaps earlier, and many different theories exist as to what was its original purpose. It is a cross-cultural phenomenon, occurring in English, French and Spanish folklore and art, among others.
Some thought the images of skeletons dancing in the streets would intimidate Death so that no one would be taken away. Others thought it was to trick Death into thinking all the villagers in this particular area were already dead... and enjoying it! So there was nothing for the spectre of Death to do and He would fly on. Still others thought it a way to point out no matter if you are Queen or serving wench, Bishop or bastard, minstrel or milliner... eventually we all will danse the Danse Macabre.

Kaotic Mythicals

Kaotic Mythicals is a troupe of volunteer actors & entertainers, who bring the magic of the Fae to life with colorful characters. They have been doing this for many years to bring smiles to all they meet & help educate in 4 main areas. The merry band spreads the joy, fun & happiness with all they encounter. Kaotic Mythicals Fairy Garden brings magical fun with some educational activities including Roll The Stones, Giant Bubbles, Petting Zoo, Live Bugs, Rub A Bug, Fairy Whisper, Catch A Cheer, Frog Pond & Story Time. Kaotic Mythicals Fairy Garden also features a labyrinth that is easy to walk & wheelchair friendly.
Be sure to visit the Fairy Garden & perhaps a visit with The Great Mother.


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